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Janmashtami Maha-Yajna Registration
-> Ahuti Dakshina ₹ 1100

  • The holy sound waves created by chanting Vedic hymns during the Havan purify the mind without going out.
  • Ahuti on your Name in the Yajna gives you blessings from Krishna.
  • Online Yajna benefits you the same as it is happening in your place.
  • Once you book the Ahuti slot, you’ll receive the live YAJNA link on Janmashtami, i.e., 29th August 2021, at 11 AM.
  • Yajna will be performed by Brahman Vaishnavas, your Ahuti contribution will give you many spiritual benefits.

Program Highlights

  • Yajna will be started at 11 AM, on the very blissful day of Lord Krishna Janmashtami day, i.e., 29th of August 2021.
  • We will provide you with the live link of Yajna at least 1-2 hour before. So, you can join it on time.
  • The link will be provided to the registered yajman (participants) only.

Powerful Mantras

With the online Hawan facility, People throughout the world can now serve and worship Shree Krishna. By offering Hawana in the holy Dharma, you can earn unlimited spiritual benefits.

Sacred Fire

The Chanting Hyme by ISKCON

ISKCON Delhi official online portal provides you with an approach to performing all religious celebrations and support rituals across India. 

The First step to a spiritual interaction and liability of transaction makes a difference.

Remove Darkness

How to register for this Yagya?

You can click Book Your Ahuti button to go to the payment page, where you will have to pay Rs. 1100 for your Ahuti. By your Name, we will make your Ahuti on Krishna Janmashtami Yagya by which you can earn many spiritual benefits.

How will I attend the Online Yagya?

After your payment, we will get your details. On the day of Yagna, i.e., 29th of Aug 2021, we will send you Yagya live link. You can watch it with your family and can earn blessings from Krishna.

What are the Benefits of Yagya?

The holy sound waves created by chanting Vedic Hymns by true Vaishnava Bhakta during the Havan spread in the sky and purify the mind without going out. In this Pandemic stressful situation, we really need the blessings of the Supreme Personality of Godhead Krishna. Book your slot for Yagya in just Rs 1100/- Click Here

Contribute to Yagya

Your contribution of Rs. 1100, will help us to organise the Krishna Janmashtami Yagya. This is the most pious work according to Bhagavad Gita. You will donate or help towards Dharma. Then only dharma can save you.


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