Most Fruitful Utthana Ekadashi

Most Fruitful Utthana Ekadashi

A very famous saint Tukaram Maharaj of Maharashtra, said that- A person who obeys and fast on Ekadashi, he indeed attains the abode of God. The person who does not like the tithi of this Ekadashi is a person who lives in hell.

Tukaram Maharaja says that the one who has collected a good amount of virtue from the previous birth, only that person observes the Ekadashi fast.

Utthana Ekadashi is also known as devutthani Ekadashi, prabodhani, haribodhani Ekadashi.

This Ekadashi is considered more significant and more sacred than other Ekadashi. According to Vishnu Purana, Lord sleeps in Kshirsagar for four months on Ashada Shukla Ekadashi. 

According to Vishnu Purana, all their sorrows go away on this day, those who worship and remember Lord Hari. In the Skanda Purana, Brahma dev and Narada muni have been described as the glory of Utthan or prabodhini Ekadashi’s dialogues. Once Brahma dev started telling Devarshi Narada, let me recite the sage about the Ekadashi, which gives virtuous bliss and salvation to all.

The Glories of Utthana Ekadashi

This Ekadashi falls in the Shukla Paksha of Kartik month.The virtue obtained by observing this Ekadashi is many times more than the virtue obtained by performing a thousand Ashwamegh Yagya or a hundred Rajasuya Yagya. So after hearing this, Narada asked O Father, please tell me about the outcomes that can be achieved on this day by eating one time or doing complete fasting.

utthana ekadashi

Conversation between lord Brahma deva and Narada Muni

Brahma dev said- Eating fruits at one time on Ekadashi destroys the sins of a person of one birth. O son, by observing Utthana Ekadashi, a scarce virtue is attained in Tribhuvan. Like the mountain of Mandar, sins are also destroyed by the effect of this fast. The purity of this day can only be compared to Mount Sumeru.

Narada Muni has said, that Swami, please, how should this Ekadashi be done?” Tell us about this.

Lord Brahma said, O Dwijshrestha, after taking a bath in the morning, worship Lord Keshav, observe a fast so that O Lord Arvindaksha, I will not eat grains on Ekadashi. I will eat grains only on Dwadashi.

O Achyut, please protect me. Brahma Dev further said that one should observe fast for the whole day with love and devotion. One should awaken at night by chanting the name of Hari, listening to Kirtan and His sweet pastimes. One should give up the attitude of greed on Ekadashi. Whosoever virtuous observes such a fast, and he achieves his ultimate goal. Brahma Dev said whoever offers Kadamba flowers on this day to Lord Janardan. He never has to go to Yamaloka.

 O Narada Muni, one should do Hari Jagran on the night of Ekadashi and the day of Dwadashi, worship Lord Hari and complete the fast by feeding Brahmins. According to one’s ability, by worshipping the spiritual master, he should be given worthy Dakshina. This pleases Lord Hari. Thus Brahma explained the importance of Utthan Ekadashi to Devarshi Narada.

In Brahma Vaivarta Purana, it is said that whoever observes a fast on the day of Ekadashi. He becomes free from all sinful activities and progresses in spiritual life.

The Main Motive of Fasting

The basic principle is not to be hungry on that day, but to reduce the needs of our body and use our mind, intellect and senses to remember him more and invest more time in the service of the Lord and have to strengthen our loyalty and love for Supreme Lord Krishna even more.

Therefore, let us all also observe this most auspicious Ekadashi fast and most dear to Lord Krishna and listen to the divine pastimes of the Lord in the company of devotees.

Chant Hari Naam and do Naam Sankirtana to increase the Love of Krishna, the ultimate goal of life.

Hare Krishna!

Utthana Ekadashi Mahotsava ki Jai!

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Sins liberating Papankusha Ekadashi

Sins liberating Papankusha Ekadashi

According to Vedic scriptures, fasting on the Ekadashi day makes Lord Hari happy and bless his devotees. The Ekadashi day occurs twice a month. One is a dark lunar fortnight, and the other one is a darker fortnight.

According to the Almanac, every 11th date is suitable for Ekadashi fasting. Therefore, fasting on an Ekadashi day holds great importance.

Especially the person who is willing to take a fast on an Ekadashi day must follow some essential rules and rituals from a day before the fasting day itself to continue the fast from the early morning before sunrise of the Ekadashi day. This is because this one day of fasting is believed to provide lifelong happiness and salvation.

The importance of Papankusha Ekadashi is mentioned in the dialogues of Lord Krishna and the great king ‘Yudhishtira’ in Brahma Vaivarta Purana.


The great king Yudhishtar asks- hey! Janardan, what is the name of the Ekadashi occurring in the Ashwin month of the darker fortnight?

Lord Krishna says, – hey! Yudhishthira, the Ekadashi day that destroys all the sins, is known as Papankusha Ekadashi. This day is called Papankusha because it eliminates the elephant-faced corruption by the control of virtue of this fast.

Hey! King this day, a Human must worship Lord lawfully. This Ekadashi provides desired fruits to humans and helps them achieve high planets. However, the fruit achieved by many austerities is achieved only by offering obeisances to the Lord Garuda flag.

Hari named hymns to provide you with all the pilgrimage virtue’s fruit. So the person who takes the shelter of Lord Hari does not have to go through all the pain that is equivalent to death.

 The fruit that a person achieves from shastra Vajpayee and horse sacrifice is not even equal to the 16th part of the Ekadashi fast. 

Unless the person takes a fast of Lord Padmanabha’s Ekadashi day, all the sins reside in his body.

Hey! King the Ekadashi day helps provide high planets, salvation, health, etc.

Hey! Yudhishthira, this fast rescue up to the 10th generation of mother’s side and 10th generation of father’s side. He wearing a divine body, having a four-armed form, wearing a pitamber and carrying a garland in his hand, climbs Garuda and goes to Vishnuloka. Whoever takes the fast of Ashwin month’s free side of this Papankusha Ekadashi day, he at the end of his life goes to the abode of Lord and gets liberation from all the sins.


In Ekadashi fast, you are not supposed to eat grains anything, and one should adopt and follow celibacy. This fast does not end with the Ekadashi day ritual, but on the next day (12th day), one must finish and complete the fast by donating food and honorarium to Brahmans early in the morning.


Once there was a fowler named Mahakrura Krodhan who used to live in the Vindhya Mountains.

He spent all his life committing sins, and at the last moments of his life, Yamraj approved to bring him to his court. However, all the messengers informed him of this thing before the decided time, and he got scared to death and went to Angira sage’s hermitage and started pleading so that he would not have to go to Yamaraj’s court.

Then Angira Sage suggested he worship Lord Vishnu on the lunar day of Ashwin month’s darker fortnight. The worship of Ekadashi day and fasting on this day liberated him from all the sins, and he went to Vishnu Lok.

So, we should all have fast on this sins destroyer Ekadashi day. So that along with the quenching of sins, we can chant more Hare Krishna maha-mantra, read, hear the glories of the Lord, and concentrate on the lotus feet of Krishna from the very bottom of our hearts. The ultimate goal of life is to get the devotional service of Lord Sri Krishna.  

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

Fast Breaking Time at ISKCON  Delhi Temple is – 06:28 AM – 09:46 AM on 26th October 2023. (New Delhi)

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The Greatness of Indira Ekadashi

The Greatness of Indira Ekadashi

The Ekadashi of Ashwin, Krishna Paksha (waning phase of the moon), is called Indira Ekadashi. On this auspicious day, Lord Sri Vishnu is worshipped. This Indira Ekadashi fast helps the devotees to get free from there all the sufferings and problems.

Why is this Ekadashi fasting special

Being Ekadashi of Pitra Paksha, Ekadashi is best for the salvation of ancestors is considered paternalistic. So the ancestors get liberation from this Ekadashi, and their souls in another world find peace. 

What is the significance of this fast

According to the Puranas, Indira Ekadashi benefits the devotee even after his death. Due to its effect, all the sins of the person perishes, and by this fast, he goes to higher planets, and their ancestors get relief from all past misdeeds.

From Brahmavaivarta Purana

In the Brahmavaivarta Purana, the description of Indira Ekadashi is found, Once Pandava King Yudhishthira asked Sri Krishna to explain the significance of Indira Ekadashi. To answer all the questions regarding the fast, He wondered what its method and result are? 

Lord Krishna replied, “This auspicious day is called Indira Ekadashi. This Ekadashi destroys the sins and gives salvation to the ancestors. Sri Krishna also said, Oh! King, listen to the story carefully because the one who hears about the sacred Ekadashi achieves the great merits.

Here’s How the story unfolded

In the Satya-Yuga, there was a city named Mahismati. There was the majestic King named Indrasen, who was so powerful and followed his kingdom righteously. He took good care of his citizens. He was a tremendous devotee of Lord Sri Vishnu.

One day, when the King was happily sitting in his meeting, Maharishi Narada came down from the sky and came to his meeting. On seeing him, the King stood with folded hands and lawfully gave his seat, washing his feet, and welcomed him. 

Then Narada Muni said to the Maharaj Indrasen, Oh! King, your seven limbs are in good working order. Your intellect is in religion, and your mind resides in devotion to Sri Vishnu. Hearing such words of Devarshi Narada, the King replied, “Oh! Maharishi, by your kind grace, everything is well in my kingdom and please explain the reason for your kind visit here.

Then Narada Muni said that oh! King, listen to my words of wonder. Once I descended from Brahmaloka to Yamaloka, I glorified Yamaraj as he worshipped me with great reverence. Then I saw your great and wise father in the same assembly because of breaking the Ekadashi fast. Your father had given me a message for you.

So, your father said that I am in Yamaloka because of the sins done unknowingly in my previous birth. Suppose my son observes the fast of Indira Ekadashi of Ashwin Krishna Paksha and gives wealth in charity. In that case, I will be promoted to higher planets.

Hearing this, King Indrasen asked, Oh! Maharishi, please tell me the method of observing this fast.

Narada Muni said,

  1. The day before Ekadashi, One should rise early in the morning, take a bath and then do some service of Lord Vishnu.


  2. In the afternoon, take a bath in running water or river, then do shradh of the ancestor with reverence, and be sure not to eat more than once on this day and sleep on the floor at night. 
  3. Then follow the rule of the fast with devotion and take a vow that I will fast on Ekadashi with giving up all sorts of bodily pleasure. Oh, Infallible Supreme Lord! Oh, Pundarikaksha, I am in your shelter, and I beg for protection. 
  4. After performing shradh in front of the Lord’s deities, offer him the fruit. Serve qualified Brahmins and Cows by giving them Prasadam.

Narada Muni started saying that Oh! Rajan, by this method, if you fast on this Ekadashi without being lazy and with controlled senses, your father will go to higher planets. Saying this, Narada Muni has gone into deep meditation and disappeared from there.

As Narada Muni’s instructed, King Indrasen followed this Ekadashi with all rules and regulations along with his all family members. Because of this, Ekadashi, His father, was promoted to a higher planet.

Indrasen himself was able to rule his kingdom without any hindrances. In the end, he handed over the kingdom to his son, and he also went to the spiritual planet.

This is the greatness of Indira Ekadashi. By reading and hearing the glory of Indira Ekadashi, a person gets freed from all sins and finally attains Vaikuntha.

So let’s keep this very auspicious Indira Ekadashi to get freed from all sinful reactions of our past lives. On this day, by hearing & reading more and more of the Lord’s pastime and chanting his Holy names, we get the blessing of Supreme Lord Krishna and go back to godhead, where we live eternally.



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Holiness of Parsva Ekadashi (Vamana Ekadashi)

Holiness of Parsva Ekadashi (Vamana Ekadashi)

Parsva Ekadashi is on  26 September 2023, India. Parsva Ekadashi (Vamana Ekadashi) is one of the most auspicious Ekadashi fastings. On this Ekadashi 10th incarnation of Lord Keshava, named as Vamana Dev, is worshipped. Hence, this sacred Ekadashi is also called Parivartan Ekadashi or Vamana Ekadashi. It is believed that the devotees who observe Parsva Ekadashi fast and worship Vamana Dev acquire the blessings of the Lord. Thus, their all wishes are accomplished.

Brahma Vaivarta Puranic Description About Parsva Ekadashi

In a conversation between Lord Krishna and Yudhishthira Maharaj in Brahma Vaivarta Purana, this sacred fast is portrayed. Once Yudhishthira Maharaj asked Lord Krishna –

Hey Janardhan, what is the name of Ekadashi, which falls on the eleventh day of Bhadrapada month in the Shukla Paksha?

Hey Lord, please elaborate on the rituals and significance of this auspicious Parsva Ekadashi fast.

Lord Krishna’s Depiction About Significance of Parsva Ekadashi

Krishna replied to Yudhishthira

Hey Rajan!

This propitious Ekadashi is known as Parsva Ekadasi. On hearing the significance of this fast, an individual can get relief from their past sins. On keeping fast on this auspicious day, the individuals get more benefits than Vajpayee Yagya. This Ekadashi is also known as Jayanti Ekadashi. An individual who worships my incarnation as Vamana Dev gets benefited with high spiritual gains. Whoever worship the lotus feet of the Lord offering lotus is considered as closest to the Lord. Any devotee who keeps fast on Shukla Paksha Ekadasi of Bhadrapad is believed to have worshipped Trilok, including Brahma and Vishnu. Therefore, it is advised to observe fast on Ekadashi.

Reason Behind Name of Parsva Ekadashi

According to the scriptures, Lord Madhusudan changes his position. Therefore, Lord changes his position and turns sideways from left to right on this day. This is the reason that this Ekadashi is known as Parsva Ekadashi or Parivartan Ekadasi.

Yudhishthira’s Query – Hey Janardhan, kindly help me in getting answers of my few questions. Hey, Devdeveshwar, how do you slumber, how you turn sideways, how we should follow these chaturmas and what to do when you sleep? Why do you keep Bali Maharaj in captivity? Kindly answer all my questions and clear my dubiety.

Lord Sri Krishna’s Reply

Hey Rajan, now you listen to this encouraging story that can terminate all the past sins from one’s life. There was a devotee named Bali born in treta yuga in a clan of daityas. He was very truthful. He used to do charity and serves brahmins. Along with his family, he always serves and worships me. He even cherished brahmins and performed many Yagya. As an outcome of it, he became highly potent.

Outcome Of His Servings to Lord

Due to his power by worshipping the Lord with dedication and devotion, he defeated Indra Dev and became crowned head of heaven. That time all the sages came to Lord. To resolve their problems lord appeared as Vamana Avtar and reached the place where king Bali was performing yagya’s ritual.

How Lord Resolved Problems of Sages

When Lord entered that place, Lord just stipulated three step land from king Bali. At the same time, Bali pleads to take more than that land. But Lord acquired only three feet of land as a donation from him. So, King Bali, without any second thought, gave Me three step of land. Immediately Lord assumed the form of Mahakal, in which in one step took the seven lokas, in the second step took the seven lokas along with the sky. When Lord asked for space to keep the third foot to king Bali, he civilly kept his head forward to provide space to Lord for the third step.

Lord’s reaction:

Being impressed with his devotion and dedication lord blessed him that he will always be with him. On that same day, the auspicious Ekadasi deity of Vaman Dev is entrenched at Maharaj Bali’s residence. The second deity is at Anant Shesh of Ksheer Sagar.

Significance Of Chaturmas

From Shayan Ekadashi to Utthana Ekadasi lord stay asleep. In this four-month, everyone should perform a special ritual to worship. Everyone should follow intently and wholeheartedly all the Ekadashi that falls in between these four months. By following this Ekadasi fasting, anyone can get a similar outcome as Ashwamedh Yagya. Ekadashi is the most favourite of Lord. Along with fasting on this auspicious day of Ekadashi, if a devotee does harinam sankirtan lord gets immensely impressed and bless them with the divine blessings of the Lord. According to scriptures, on hearing kirtan, remembering Lord and spending life on Lord’s lotus feet etc are the nine divisions of Bhakti. But Naam Sankirtana the is best among all. So, on Ekadashi, we should chant more Lord’s holy name.

So come let’s convene and fast on Parsva Ekadashi. On this day, chant, remember and do Naam Sankirtan of Lord’s name as much as we can, and it liberates the devotees from the cycle of birth and death. So, let’s effectuate the path of Bhakti to bestows happiness, wealth and good health and get relieves from all the sins.

All over the world, all the devotees keep fast on this auspicious day of Purvana Ekadasi. In all the temples of ISKCON, devotees chant Naam Sankirtan on this day to get the blessings of the Lord on this bright day and make their birth relevant and worthy.


  • Breakfast time -6:11 AM – 10:12 AM (New Delhi)

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    Pavitra Ekadashi

    Pavitra Ekadashi

    We do fasting several times on different occasions throughout the year. Among all fasts, Pavitra Ekadashi Fast is considered as the superior and most dear to God. This is because keeping fast on Ekadashi leads devotees one step ahead towards the Supreme Personality of Godhead. People of all age groups keep this fast, including women. This auspicious tithi of Ekadashi is also known as Madhav tithi.

    “madhava-tithi, bhakti-janani, jatane palana kori, krsna-basoti, basoti boli’, parama adare bori”

    That means this auspicious Ekadashi tithi is Janani to rejuvenate bhakti in the life of devotees. Therefore, this Madhav tithi should be followed with Yatna (endeavour). So today, we will acquire knowledge about one of the most sacred Ekadashi.


    Story of Pavitra Ekadashi by Lord Krishna

    In Bhavishya Uttara Purana Significance of auspicious Ekadashi is found in conversation of Lord Sri Krishna and king Yudhisthira.

    Once Yudhisthira Maharaj asked Lord Sri Krishna:
    Hey, Madhusudan!
    What is the name and significance of Ekadashi of Sawan month Shukla paksha tithi? Kindly describe it in detail.”

    Reply of Lord Sri Krishna: Hearing Yudhisthira’s query Sri Krishna replied that this auspicious Ekadashi is “Pavitra Ekadashi”.Anyone who will listen to the significance of this fast will acquire the sequel of Bajpayee Yagya. Now listen to the story.

    The Story Beyond the Significance of Ekadasi

    Long ago, at the beginning of Dwapara-Yuga, there was a king named Mahijit. He was the king of a place called “Mahishmati”. He cares for the people of his kingdom as his kids. Once, he invited all the Brahmins and his people to Rajya Sabha. He said he had never committed any sin on anyone. He had never acquired wealth through immoral acts.

    King said, he had never committed any injustice on his people. He had never snatched the wealth of Brahmins and deities. In my kingdom, there is an equal rule for everyone. Even on finding any of my relatives guilty, I punished them. I even honoured and paid deserved respect to my spiritual enemies.

    Hey Brahmins!
    Even after following this spiritual pathway, I do not have a son. So kindly think about this outlook and advise me on the way out. 

    Steps Taken By Brahmins

    After hearing this, all the brahmins assembled at a place and thought about it. Then, they decided to donate offerings in various ashrams and ask rishis who know its reason past, present, and future. So, they went to the forest and gave offerings to multiple ashrams. In the end, they reached Lomasa rishi.

    Lomasa Rishi was doing long and rigid Tapasya (austerity). His appearance was divine. He was utterly delightful and under strict fasting. He was self-restrained and erudite of shastras. He was glorious and had inestimable hairs in his body. When a Kalpa of Brahma dev occurs, one hair of his body gets detached, so he is known as Lomasa. He has a mystic power and tri-kāla-jñas.

    Response on Kings Advisers

    On getting darshan of Lomasa Rishi, the king’s advisers were feeling blessed. They said politely that they are blessed to get darshan of this divine Rishi. They are assured that now their king’s agony will soon end.

    Lomasa Rishi’s query: Lomasa Rishi asked, who are you all? Why did you all come here? What is the reason behind praising me?

    Brahmin’s reply: Brahmin’s replied that they came here to solve this severe problem.

    “Hey, Rishiwar!
    Our king Mahijita does not have any son. He nurtured us like his children. His pain is getting unendurable for us. So we came here to do Tapasya. But, we are incredibly fortunate to get your darshan. We are sure that after getting darshan of divine Rishi, we will surely get an outcome”.

    Reason for king’s Suffering

    “Hey divine rishi! Please tell us away so that our king will be blessed with a son”, said Brahmins. On hearing, this Lomasa rishi starts meditating.

    After knowing about King Mahijit’s previous birth, Rishi said, this king was a merchant earlier. For business purposes, he used to wander from one village to another. Once he was very thirsty, and that day was Dwadashi. While searching for water, being thirsty, he found a pond. So he reached at the bank of a pond to satisfy his thirst. He noticed a cow after parturition came with a newly born calf and started drinking water. He immediately stopped her and sent her away.

    Later on, he started drinking water. This is the greatest sin done by him. This is the reason he does not possess a son.

    Way to rectify his sin: On hearing this, brahmins, the king’s advisers, asked Rishi a path to the outcome. They asked by doing which atonement or fasting king can get rid of this sin. 

    King’s Atonement

    Lomasa Rishi responded and told them a way out. In the coming Shravan month’s auspicious Ekadashi, king and all of you keep fast.

    Afterwards, all the blessings you all will gain on doing this fast give it to the king. King will indeed have a son by doing so. On hearing Lomasa Rishi’s word, everyone was pleased. They respectfully greeted Rishi. They returned and described everything to the king. King, along with all his Praja, followed Ekadashi.

    On Dwadashi, the next day, everyone gave the blessings they earned by fasting and gave them to the king. After a few days, the queen got pregnant and delivered a beautiful boy. 

    Lord Sri Krishna to Yudhisthira

    Lord Sri Krishna said, Hey Yudhisthira! Whoever abides this Pavitra Ekadashi fast, all his sins will be absolved, and he can achieve the supreme goal.

    So let’s nurture this branch of spirituality by keeping this sacred Pavitra Ekadashi fast with complete devotion. Let’s spend our time chanting Hare Krishna Mahamantra, doing kirtans and engage ourselves in devotional activities as much as we can on do this auspicious day.

    On this day, we all devotees assemble and provide service to Vaishnavas. In this way, we can please Lord Sri Krishna and make advancements to gain Krishna’s blessings.

    Pavitra Ekadasi is on – 27th, Aug 2023

    Fast Breaking time – 28th August 2023 5:57 AM – 10:13 AM (ISKCON Delhi)

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    Significance of Kamika Ekadashi

    Significance of Kamika Ekadashi

    Man’s happiness and sorrow depend upon his virtue and sins. He lives a happier life if he does good to others. Otherwise, sinful conduct leads his life full of suffering. Every living entity wants to attain a satisfying life and get rid of its misery.

    The omniscient Lord Vishnu is aware of this human tendency. So, his fellow saints, sages and great yogis composed and assimilated all the Sastras, the Veda, Puranas, and smrities. All these sastras have remedies of ‘attainment of happiness and cessation of sorrows’ for the wellbeing of humankind.

    Fasting is transcendent and accessible among all the remedies. One of the fasts which are dearest to our gracious Supreme Lord is Kamika Ekadasi. Devotees observe intermittent fasting on this day. Thus, they spend more and more time in the remembrance and contemplation of the Supreme being.

    Kamika Ekadasi Vrat Katha

    Supreme Lord Sri Krishna and Pandav king Yudhisthira had dialogues about Kamika Ekadasi in Brahmavaivarta Purana.

    The saintly king Yudhisthira said, that oh lord, I heard from You about Dev-Sayani Ekadasi. So kindly describe the glory of the auspicious Ekadasi, which falls on the Krishna paksha Shravan month.

    Then Supreme Lord Sri Krishna narrated the conversation that had taken place between the creator of the universe Brahma and his son Narda muni on the significance of the Kamika Ekadasi Vrat.

    The Supreme Lord, Sri Krishna, replied, Oh saintly king, Kamika Ekadasi arrives during the fortnight in the month of Shravan, which perishes all sins of human beings and fulfils the desired wish.

    Once Devrishi Narad muni also asked the same question to Lord Brahma.

    Narad Ji asked, “oh regent of the universe, please tell me about the Ekadasi, which occurred during the lunar day in the month of Shravan and what it is called? Who is the chief God to whom people should worship on that holy day? Also, kindly tell me the process that one must follow to observe it. What merit does it award to those who observe it? “

    Then Brahma Ji replied, “Oh Narad muni, you have asked the question for the benefit of all humanity. So listen attentively, and I am going to tell you everything about this Ekadasi.

    This Ekadasi is called Kamika Ekadasi. Just hearing the glory of Kamika Ekadasi bestows the merit equal to that of Aswamegh Yagya.

    On this day, devotees attain all the great values by worshipping the lotus feet of the Supreme being Vishnu, who holds a conch shell, Sudarshan Chakra, Padam, and lotus in his hands.

    Devotees attain a thousand times more merit than taking a sacred bath in the Ganges at Kashi (Varanasi), in the forest of Naimisharanya, or at Pushkara. The one who observes Kamika Ekadasi and worships Supreme lord Vishnu becomes free from all the misery and grief. The observer gets freedom from all the sorrow, but their forebear becomes free from all the suffering.

    This Kamika Ekadasi vrat helps devotees relieve the ‘Pitra Dosha.’ Thus, devotees attain salvation just by observing the Kamika Ekadasi.

    All the Nagas and Gandharvas are worshipped just by worshipping the Lord Vishnu in the month Shravana. The way water can’t touch the lotus, in the same way, sins can never feel the devotees who observe Kamika Ekadasi. Whoever worships Lord Vishnu with Tulsi leaf, the Lord sets them free from all their sins.

    The person becomes healthy and disease-free just by remembering and meditating. Planting Tulsi brings prosperity, and devotees eventually reside with Lord Krishna in his abode. Followers achieve devotion by offering tulsi to the lotus feet of Lord Vishnu. Even the Yamraj secretary, Chitragupta, is incapable of calculating the merit of those who burn ghee lamps and offer obeisances to Tulsi Devi.

    A person who does Kamika Ekadasi vrat receives the blessing of the Supreme Lord, and he is freed from even heinous sin of feticide or killing of brahman. Not only the one who offers burning lamps to the lotus feet of Lord Vishnu, but even their forefathers also ascend to heaven and satiated with celestial nectar there.

    Devotees who offer ghee lamps or burning lamps with sesame oil to the Supreme Lord Vishnu on this day get salvation and enter into heaven after death with the brightness of as many as millions of lights.

    Significance of the Kamika Ekadasi

    ‘Oh Narad’, said the Lord Brahma, all the human beings scared of their sins, must observe the Kamika Ekadasi.

    There is no other remedy than Kamika Ekadasi for being free from all sins. On this auspicious day, whoever offers Tulsi leaves to the lotus feet of the Lord with their reverence and devotion, stay away from all sins.

    Oh Narad, I also pay my obeisance to Tulsi Devi, the beloved of Sri Hari. Whoever says or hears the glory of Kamika Ekadasi with devotion gets salvation and returns to the Godhead
    – Vaikuntha. Lord Sri Hari is almighty and foremost. He gets easily pleased with the sincere devotion of their followers.

    Tulsi Devi is the beloved of Supreme Lord Vishnu. Supreme Lord Shri Hari is not as pleased with the pearls, rubies, sapphires, and corals as He gets delighted by offering Tulsi. So we should please the Supreme Lord by keeping fast on this auspicious Kamika Ekadasi day. Become free from all sins by offering Tulsi to Supreme Lord, and should move forward on the righteous path.

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