Nitya Sewa

The Vishnu-smriti says, “The goddess of prosperity Laxmi lives in those who are charitable.”

Nitya Seva

It is essential for devotees to worship their lordship in a wealthy and gorgeous manner befitting palatial standards.
To make progress in Krishna consciousness, we always need the blessing of the Lord on your special day. And when the Lord is pleased with our services, we will surely get the unlimited blessing from the Lord Shree Krishna.

~Nitya Seva is a monthly charity program where a devotee can monthly participate by donating in the lotus feet of the Krishna. ~


Note:- Please note that Nitya Seva is a monthly donation program in which every month your desired amount will be automatically debited from your account. So, please choose the donation amount accordingly.! (Currently recurring donation is not working.)

Devotees Donates and seek blessings

If you join with any of the above seva program, we offer to perform a special pooja for you in a memory of your dear ones, this way you will get the blessings of Lord Krishna, and you can do an automatic transfer of your desired amount in 356days.

Be the Nitya Sewak of Krishna

Collectively once in a time or as per your bank account choices or pay by any other mode of your wish. But, at the same time, you get overflowing mercy for joining in the service of the supreme Lord.

Yet, we provide you an impressive package of benefits authorized to a Nitya sevak.

Nitya Seva