Lord Balaram’s Raas Yatra is described in Shrimad Bhagvatam and is also described in Garga Samhita.

Duryodhan is hearing the glory of Balram ji from his guru. Duryodhana asked his guru, O most intelligent Lord Balram, when he had wandered on the banks of Yamuna with the Nagakanya Gopis.

It is very important to clarify here that Balram ji’s gopis are different, and he is Nagkanya gopis, and Lord Shri Krishna’s gopis are different.

Then, in answer to Duryodhana’s question, the sage said that once in the heart of Balram ji, there was a strong desire to see his brothers and relatives of Braj. He left Dwarka riding on his Taladhwaja chariot and reached Vrindavan, full of cows and cowherds.

Nand Baba and Yashoda Maiya were also eager to see him. And as soon as she saw Balram Ji, she hugged him. Balram Ji met everyone and stayed there for the entire 2 months of spring. These are the two months of Chaitra and Vaishakh, and Chaitra Purnima is exactly in the middle of spring.

Earlier, the Nagkanya girls, who were mentioned to be Gopis, obtained Balram’s almanack from Gargacharya ji and proved it to get him as their husband, and due to its influence, Balram ji became happy and settled in Raas Mandal on the banks of the river Kalindi.

Balaram Ji played Raas with those Gopis. That day was the full moon of Chaitra. That day, the full moon of Arun colour was rising and colouring the entire forest with its colourful rays. The cool wind was blowing slowly everywhere, carrying the nectar and pollen of the lotus.

The blissful Yamuna was enveloping the clean shore with its playful waves. The courtyard land of Kunjo was adorned with various Nikunjos and was moistened with the pollen of shining, beautiful leaves and flowers.

Peacocks and cuckoos were cooing melodiously and this land adorned with the sweet sound of honeybees was looking very beautiful. The sweet sound of the anklets was being heard at the feet of Balram ji. They were adorned with bracelets, girdles, hands, crowns, and earrings made of shining gems. His face was covered with lotus flowers, he was wearing Nilambar, i.e., blue clothes, and his eyes were like lotus flowers.

In this way, Balram ji was seated in the Rasamandal, surrounded by Gopis, and the entire forest was becoming fragrant with the fragrant Varuni sent by Varun.

Madhukar started humming beautifully among the people of Madhu, and then Balramji, who had a gait like Airavat and arms as huge as the trunk of an elephant, started playing with the Gopis. He had a plough on his lion-like shoulders and a pestle in his hands. Then, while playing sports on the banks of Yamuna Ji, particles of sweat started shining on his head, so he called Yamuna ji from a distance to take bath and do water sports. But she did not come. Then Balram ji got angry and pulled Yamuna ji with the tip of the plough and said that today I called you, but you did not come by insulting me, you are going to behave arbitrarily. Right now, I will break you into a hundred pieces with this pestle.

Then, on being scolded by Balram ji in this way, Yamuna ji got extremely scared and fell at the feet of Balram ji and said, O Lokabhiram Balram, O Sankarshana, O Balbhadra, O great-armed one, I did not know of your immense strength and bravery, the entire earth is on your head. Mustard stuff is lying around. I am unaware of your ultimate influence. I have come to you for refuge. Leave me alone.

On praying like this, Balram ji left Yamuna ji and then started playing in the Yamuna water with the Gopis. After playing in the water, when he came out of Yamuna ji, Yamuna ji gave him many blue clothes and jewellery made of gold gems.

O Duryodhana, Balram ji distributed all those ornaments among different Gopis, and wearing a necklace made of blue sapphire and new gold gems, he sat like Airavata.

This is how Balram, the best of the Yadavas, spent the spring nights. Even today, Yamuna ji flows through a crooked path and indicates her power. That place is Ramghat, from where the path of Yamuna ji becomes crooked, and the person who listens to or narrates this incident of Lord Balram ji’s Raslila is free from all sins. After this, he attains a state of supreme bliss.

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