Sadhu Seva

Feed the Sadhus on Auspicious Day

Feed the Sadhus

Sadhu Bhojdan implies “Donation to Sadhu.” You can donate and support true saints living in the ISKCON Mandir. Saints spread love and become a carrier of the Lord’s kindness.
Let’s support the saviors of society.

Feed 251 Sadhus

₹ 11,000 ~ Single Meal

Feed 111 Sadhus

₹ 5100 ~ Single Meal

Amount of your choice

More Donation Options 

Get Blessings

Success is an opportunity endowed by God to serve. Success implies service; if you do service, you will be rewarded with blessings, and blessings assure continued rewards in the form of ‘success.’

Sadhu Bhojan Seva is an approach aiming towards the spirit of donation to extend a serving hand for the sadhus. A society where the needs of every individual are taken care, not only forge ahead towards holistic development but also builds a support system where everyone feels cared for and strengthened.

Saints are the carrier of the Lord’s compassion and spread the message of god consciousness, principle-centered values, etc. Let us express gratitude towards them through Sadhu Bhojdan for our benevolent contributions.

Note:- Your Donation is to feed 251 Sadhu’s for onetime.

More Donation Options to Feed the Needy

General Donation

Any No. of Meals ~ You want to Donate.

Donate 251 Meals

₹ 18,825 ~ Do your part and contribute this amount.

Donate 501 Meals

₹ 37,575 ~ Do your part and contribute this amount.

Donate 1,001 Meals

₹ 75,075 ~ Do your part and contribute this amount.


Show your Love

ISKCON Delhi is giving you the opportunity to serve the saints. The more you give, the more you receive. And donating to sadhus opens the path to blessings and abundance. Donate profusely and adore the pleasure of giving. Donate for Sadhu Bhojan Now!!

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