Balaram Purnima

Balaram Purnima

Lord Balaram appeared on the full moon day of Shravan Month. This day is celebrated as Balaram Jayanti every year. During this festival, ISKCON Temples are beautifully decorated. Devotees assemble from various regions to get a glance at deities. This day has great significance as Lord Balaram is very dearest to Lord Krishna. Lord Balaram associates Himself with Hal (Plough) and Mace, so he is also known as Haldhar.

Lord Sri Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead among all avatars. Balaramji is the first expansion of Sri Krishna.

Difference In Appearance of Krishna & Balaram

Balaram Ji and Sri Krishna only differ in appearance. The appearance of Sri Krishna is blue or Shyamwarna, like dark clouds. So sometimes, He is also called Ghanshyam. Sri Balaram Ji’s appearance is white as pure milky clouds.

Role of Sri Balaram

Balaram Ji cooperates with the Supreme Lord in various ways and enjoys the ecstasy of the service of Sri Krishna in the form of Sheshnag. When Sri Krishna appeared in this materialistic world, he comes along with His associates and paraphernalia.

Lord Balaram’s Advent

When 5000 years back, Lord Sri Krishna appeared on this worldly planet. Sri Balaram preceded in this world. When Baladeva stayed in the womb of Devaki as the seventh child, she presumed that this child is not an ordinary child. He is a divine child, which bothered her about his safety.

Kansa became alert by spotting a glow in Mata Devaki, thinking the prophecy may have fooled him. Instead of the 8th son of Devaki, he will be slain by the 7th son.

Kansa’s Fright

Even Kansa became fearful by sensing his potency, thinking the prophecy may have tricked him that he will be slain only by the eighth child of Devaki. At that time, Lord Sri Krishna enjoined Yoga Maya, His internal potency, to transfer the unborn from the womb of Devaki to the house of Sri Nanda Maharaj at Gokul in the womb of Rohini. In this way, Balaram Ji appeared in Gokul at Nanda Baba’s house.

Forecast of Gargamuni

This newly born child is loaded with extraordinary body strength, so this child will be called Balaram.

The Moniker of Sri Balaram

This newly born child is loaded with extraordinary body strength, so this child will be called Balaram.

Since, He got brought from the womb of Devaki to the womb of Rohini so, He will also be known as Sankarshan. As He appeared as Rohini’s son, He will also be known as Rohini Nandana. He is the elder brother of Krishna, So He is also recognised as “Dauji”.

Lord Balaram’s Appearance

Sri Balaram ji is white as crystal in appearance. Balaram ji is a 16-years old boy, full of zeal glistened with supernatural powers.

He wears blue clothes and garlands with vanamala and kunjamala. Ruby and Pearl neckpiece beautifully placed in his neck, armlets in his strong arms, and wears beautifully crafted anklets in His lotus feet, He looks even more attractive. His broad chest is ornamented with a garland of Gunja Mala, and he has a harsh and soft voice. His long arm touches His knee. His beauty is similar to millions of glistening rising moons. His boundless strength is equal to the minimal amount of force sufficient to destroy many armies of demons.

Even being well informed about the supernatural power of His younger brother, Balaram ji never left Sri Krishna alone in the jungle. As an elder brother, Balaram ji was a symbol of Sri Krishna’s love and respect. Therefore, Balaram ji is very dear to Lord Sri Krishna, and He is the nectar ocean of many sweet pastimes. There are some such pastimes in which Balaram ji has a special mention.

Lord Balaram’s Pastimes

Balaram Ji slays Dhenukasura and Pralambasura. They were demons sent by Kansa to chastised Yamuna Devi.

Sri Balaram also freed Samba from the captivity of Kauravas. Balaram Ji married Revati. Balaram became angry with Bhima for killing Duryodhana by trickery and killed Romaharshana for not deserving esteem to Vyasdeva.

Creator of Spirituality

Due to the first expansion of the Supreme Lord, the entire spiritual world has originated from Balaram Ji. All the material and conscious things engaged in the service of the Supreme Lord are expanded from Sri Balaram Ji. He is the original Guru Tattva, the original Guru of all living beings. When Balaram Ji roams in the forest, a few trees crouch towards Him to greet Him.

Lord Krishna’s Words

Lord Krishna says all the demigods also want to do sewa of lotus feet of Sri Balaram and please Him. Lord Balaram is the eternal companion of Lord Sri Krishna. He always appeared with Lord Krishna as Lakshmana with Rama and later as Nityananda Prabhu with Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Consistently, He always stayed with Supreme Lord Krishna in His pastimes to provide service to the Lord. So Balaram Ji is like a retainer of Lord Sri Krishna. His only mission is to please Krishna by providing assistance to him.

He is the original spiritual Guru. Anyone who has the impulse to make spiritual progress has to acquire the mercy of Sri Balaram. Thus we should pray and please Lord Balaram that He provides us strength to give service to Lord Krishna with complete devotion and dedication.

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Spellbinding RadhaKrishna Jhulan Yatra

Spellbinding RadhaKrishna Jhulan Yatra

Jhulan Yatra is a blissful festival for the followers of Lord Krishna. The devotees celebrate Radha Krishna’s pastime of swinging on a golden swing every day until Balrama-Purnima. It is observed in the month of Sawan when the monsoon clouds assemble. Finally, the rain appears after the scorching heat of summers. Sri Krishna’s special place Brajbhoomi looks spectacular.

Ecstatic Celebrations of Jhulan Yatra in Vrindavan

The temples of Vrindavan celebrate Jhulan Yatra with great joy and devotion. Many devotees follow a trail of pilgrimage from one temple to another from early morning to late evening for the darshan of Sri Krishna.

The calm winds of Sawan make the atmosphere pleasant. Worldwide, Devotees gather in thousands of temples to get the opportunity to render service to the divine couple by swinging them.

Vrindavan is the sacred place where 5000 years ago, Sri Krishna spent the most love-soaked chapter of His boyhood and raas drenched years of adulthood. This is the land about which Sri Krishna said to His friend Uddhav. For the people of Braj, Sri Krishna was supreme.

The people of this land were devoted entirely to Lord Krishna. Their love for Sri Krishna was uttermost, which cannot be expressed in words. Their life was totally centred on Shri Krishna. Raas with Gopis (cow-herding maidens) symbolizes the interplay of love and adoration between the Almighty and the human soul.

People of Braj and their eternal love for Lord Krishna

Lord Sri Krishna, along with his cow herding companions, used to roam in the jungles of Braj. Along with herding, He used to play and eat on land with His friends and spread happiness.

In every season, along with Krishna, His friends happily participated in every mesmerizing pastime of Lord Sri Krishna. With complete devotion, they used to provide service to their beloved friend whom they loved blindly.

Gopies were blind in love with Lord Krishna. Among all the gopi, Radha Rani was the consort of Lord Krishna.

Jhulan Yatra- The Beginning of Sawan

This festival is associated with the beginning of Sawan, and this month is known as Shravan or Sawan. It falls in July or August and resembles the end of the summer season and the beginning of the rainy season, which is an entirely moist climate.

Cold mesmerizing winds are blown. Showers of rain make the whole land of Vrindavan lush green. The dried land of Vrindavan is brought back to life after the dry summer.

The forests of Vrindavan get filled up with colourful flowers such as Jasmine, Champa, and Madhuri that have newly blossomed in the season. The sectarian honey is oozing from the beehives. The cuckoo sings with its melodic sound and makes the environment mesmerizing. The peacocks start dancing, spreading their wings in anticipation of dark clouds in the sky.

How is Jhulan Yatra Celebrated?

Sri Radhika Rani’s sakhis make a hanging swing on a kadamba tree decorated with flowers in the forests. They make a Divine couple of Radha Krishna seated on their swing. It starts on Shukla paksha Ekadashi of Sawan and ends on Purnima of Sawan month.

In ISKCON Temples, devotees decorate the wooden or metal swings with flowers. They placed the deities for 5 days on a swing and swung them gently with a string decorated with flowers. Usually this celebration starts in the evening when deities are seated comfortably on the swing from their throne, and then Arati is offered to them.

Later on, one by one, all the devotees come forward and take turns to go and swing the deities and get immense pleasure. This time is memorable for each devotee, filling their heart with joy and making the overall experience ethereal.

Who can participate in Jhulan Yatra?

Jhulan Yatra is not any kind of ritual only. It is the festival where Krishna devotees can take part and enjoy devotional service for the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Celebration of this Festival is one of the best pastimes of Lord Sri Krishna, where He allows His devotees to do His devotional service and ponder His blessings on them. Therefore, every devotee should take the opportunity to witness Jhulan Yatra and feel blessed.

Celebration of Jhulan Yatra in ISKCON

In every temple of ISKCON worldwide, this festival is acknowledged with great joy and enthusiasm. So this year, you all can visit your nearest ISKCON temple from (18th August 2021 – 22nd August 2021) to witness this spellbinding couple and make your birth worthy. 

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Pavitra Ekadashi

Pavitra Ekadashi

We do fasting several times on different occasions throughout the year. Among all fasts, Pavitra Ekadashi Fast is considered as the superior and most dear to God. This is because keeping fast on Ekadashi leads devotees one step ahead towards the Supreme Personality of Godhead. People of all age groups keep this fast, including women. This auspicious tithi of Ekadashi is also known as Madhav tithi.

“madhava-tithi, bhakti-janani, jatane palana kori, krsna-basoti, basoti boli’, parama adare bori”

That means this auspicious Ekadashi tithi is Janani to rejuvenate bhakti in the life of devotees. Therefore, this Madhav tithi should be followed with Yatna (endeavour). So today, we will acquire knowledge about one of the most sacred Ekadashi.


Story of Pavitra Ekadashi by Lord Krishna

In Bhavishya Uttara Purana Significance of auspicious Ekadashi is found in conversation of Lord Sri Krishna and king Yudhisthira.

Once Yudhisthira Maharaj asked Lord Sri Krishna:
Hey, Madhusudan!
What is the name and significance of Ekadashi of Sawan month Shukla paksha tithi? Kindly describe it in detail.”

Reply of Lord Sri Krishna: Hearing Yudhisthira’s query Sri Krishna replied that this auspicious Ekadashi is “Pavitra Ekadashi”.Anyone who will listen to the significance of this fast will acquire the sequel of Bajpayee Yagya. Now listen to the story.

The Story Beyond the Significance of Ekadasi

Long ago, at the beginning of Dwapara-Yuga, there was a king named Mahijit. He was the king of a place called “Mahishmati”. He cares for the people of his kingdom as his kids. Once, he invited all the Brahmins and his people to Rajya Sabha. He said he had never committed any sin on anyone. He had never acquired wealth through immoral acts.

King said, he had never committed any injustice on his people. He had never snatched the wealth of Brahmins and deities. In my kingdom, there is an equal rule for everyone. Even on finding any of my relatives guilty, I punished them. I even honoured and paid deserved respect to my spiritual enemies.

Hey Brahmins!
Even after following this spiritual pathway, I do not have a son. So kindly think about this outlook and advise me on the way out. 

Steps Taken By Brahmins

After hearing this, all the brahmins assembled at a place and thought about it. Then, they decided to donate offerings in various ashrams and ask rishis who know its reason past, present, and future. So, they went to the forest and gave offerings to multiple ashrams. In the end, they reached Lomasa rishi.

Lomasa Rishi was doing long and rigid Tapasya (austerity). His appearance was divine. He was utterly delightful and under strict fasting. He was self-restrained and erudite of shastras. He was glorious and had inestimable hairs in his body. When a Kalpa of Brahma dev occurs, one hair of his body gets detached, so he is known as Lomasa. He has a mystic power and tri-kāla-jñas.

Response on Kings Advisers

On getting darshan of Lomasa Rishi, the king’s advisers were feeling blessed. They said politely that they are blessed to get darshan of this divine Rishi. They are assured that now their king’s agony will soon end.

Lomasa Rishi’s query: Lomasa Rishi asked, who are you all? Why did you all come here? What is the reason behind praising me?

Brahmin’s reply: Brahmin’s replied that they came here to solve this severe problem.

“Hey, Rishiwar!
Our king Mahijita does not have any son. He nurtured us like his children. His pain is getting unendurable for us. So we came here to do Tapasya. But, we are incredibly fortunate to get your darshan. We are sure that after getting darshan of divine Rishi, we will surely get an outcome”.

Reason for king’s Suffering

“Hey divine rishi! Please tell us away so that our king will be blessed with a son”, said Brahmins. On hearing, this Lomasa rishi starts meditating.

After knowing about King Mahijit’s previous birth, Rishi said, this king was a merchant earlier. For business purposes, he used to wander from one village to another. Once he was very thirsty, and that day was Dwadashi. While searching for water, being thirsty, he found a pond. So he reached at the bank of a pond to satisfy his thirst. He noticed a cow after parturition came with a newly born calf and started drinking water. He immediately stopped her and sent her away.

Later on, he started drinking water. This is the greatest sin done by him. This is the reason he does not possess a son.

Way to rectify his sin: On hearing this, brahmins, the king’s advisers, asked Rishi a path to the outcome. They asked by doing which atonement or fasting king can get rid of this sin. 

King’s Atonement

Lomasa Rishi responded and told them a way out. In the coming Shravan month’s auspicious Ekadashi, king and all of you keep fast.

Afterwards, all the blessings you all will gain on doing this fast give it to the king. King will indeed have a son by doing so. On hearing Lomasa Rishi’s word, everyone was pleased. They respectfully greeted Rishi. They returned and described everything to the king. King, along with all his Praja, followed Ekadashi.

On Dwadashi, the next day, everyone gave the blessings they earned by fasting and gave them to the king. After a few days, the queen got pregnant and delivered a beautiful boy. 

Lord Sri Krishna to Yudhisthira

Lord Sri Krishna said, Hey Yudhisthira! Whoever abides this Pavitra Ekadashi fast, all his sins will be absolved, and he can achieve the supreme goal.

So let’s nurture this branch of spirituality by keeping this sacred Pavitra Ekadashi fast with complete devotion. Let’s spend our time chanting Hare Krishna Mahamantra, doing kirtans and engage ourselves in devotional activities as much as we can on do this auspicious day.

On this day, we all devotees assemble and provide service to Vaishnavas. In this way, we can please Lord Sri Krishna and make advancements to gain Krishna’s blessings.

Pavitra Ekadasi is on – 18th, Aug 2021

Fast Breaking time – 6:35 AM – 10:13 AM (ISKCON Delhi) on 19th August 2021

Devotees can break their fast by taking grains.  


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How to overcome from Anger

How to overcome from Anger


Six impurities in our consciousness keep us away from Krishna, and anger is one of the most prominent ones. Now, who in this world is entirely free from irritation. Yet, most of us face this emotion, and we fail to understand where to use it and how to use it.

There is a very famous philosopher who said that anger is one letter short of danger. So if you want to avoid trouble in your life. We have to ensure that we don’t get angry, and even if we do, there is a way we control or overcome it.
We find even according to the world’s survey. There are so many broken relationships because of words that are said or pronounced when somebody is angry. So we have to be very calm and composed if we aspire to be on the spiritual path.

When we sit on the banks or the side of a pond, we should see ripples immediately on the surface; as soon as there are ripples on the surface, you don’t see the fishes anymore. You see the waves now. What is the way to see the fishes well, sit on the banks for some time? Let the water settle. As it determines, you will find that the ripples go away, and now you see the fish as it is.

This example is very relevant in this context. Pebbles are like circumstances in our life; they are thrown by people into the water, the pond of our consciousness and immediately. There are ripples of agitation. As soon as there are ripples of fever, you don’t see the fishes, which means you don’t see the things as they are. When there are ripples, and you try to catch the fish, you don’t see them. However, they exist, so you don’t see them as similar when somebody throws provocative pebbles into the surface of our consciousness. They are ripples of agitation, frustration, irritation and anger.

Way to overcoming negative emotions:

The best way to do is stay calm. Hold your breath, try to count 1 to 30 or something like that as the yoga teacher explains and chant God’s holy names. The names of Sri Krishna are so powerful that they help us overcome all the negative emotions we have on our own. We can not overcome them, but when we surrender to names, forms, qualities and pastimes of Sri Krishna, we can overcome them, so when we are calm and composed, we take shelter of Krishna. The ripples of agitation settle, and then you can see the fishes as they are.

One practical suggestion that we could share is that whenever we find agitation in our life. The best is to stay calm and not react at that moment. Take your time. Stay aloof if that isolate yourself if that helps you. Think about it in a very balanced, unbiased way. Not the fact that I am always right but being humble enough to see the other person’s perspective also so when we try doing that, we often see that the fault is ours. So then there is no need of being angry.

We are angry when we are defensive when we want to smash somebody. Still, a devotee is so humble that he wants to see the good in others and improve the drawbacks in the self, so on that note, we have to be very careful before we blast anyone through thought word.

Example of a Firefall:

What is the first that happens? As soon as you pick a ball of fire intending to throw at somebody. The first thing that happens is we end up burning our hands before burning the other. So, therefore, anger is such a negative wipe or a negative feeling that it causes more destruction to the self than to the person with whom its intended tools.

Even in medical science, we understand that there are so many burnt and destroyed cells when angry. So we must be cautious that this emotion, if it’s there in us that would probably hinder our path on pure bhakti, so let us chant the names of Krishna and serve the vaisnavas who are elevated to us because if we do that, then all the negative emotions are very nicely converted into positive emotions. So hence, another question in connection to this is that.

Is it good for devotees to get angry?

A devotee who cited this example of Hanuman said that burnt Lanka, being a pure devotee, can burn things and destroy everything by shooting bullets. So everywhere, we must understand that Hanuman is an empowered personality if Hanuman could burn Lanka. He could also lift the mountain, so we must be humble and know that we don’t have to get into all this.

If we find somebody blaspheming Sri Krishna or our revered spiritual master, we deal diplomatically with those envious. We avoid them altogether. Suppose there is cursing, and you know that even if you reply based on sastra, they are not ready to listen. In that case, they will listen to what they want to hear. Then to such people, you serve by staying away because you know that even if you reply or answer their so-called allegations, they will still hold the same negative emotion, so why waste our time.

Those who curse, but you find a tinge of sincerity in them in the sense that they blaspheme based on whatever they hear. Still, they are not sure what is suitable for such people. So we have not to be very humble and say yes, you blaspheme Krishna That’s okay at that point. Like a soldier, we stand on that point, and then we tell that person based on gurus, sadhu and sastra. We explained to them nicely all the weak points in the argument and how they could be counted using the sastra.

However, a devotee never acts of his own will. He will never go and slap people. Never become a terrorist. Those who are based on religion or based on spiritual faith. They try killing people. They try to cause harm. I’m afraid that’s not right. This is not at all prescribed, or this is not advised in the Vedic scriptures, so the way a devotee retaliates to blaspheme to Guru and Krishna is based on time, place and circumstances.

Suppose somebody is faithful or a little sincere and cursed. In that case, you tolerate for the moment and then shoot back through the form of scriptural arguments and if there is somebody who’s envious and very much determined to their narrow-minded fault-finding mentality and we just bowed. So we say Hare Krishna and save our time.

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Shri Krishna Janmashtami (Appearance of Lord Krishna)

Shri Krishna Janmashtami (Appearance of Lord Krishna)

Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated to mark the appearance of Lord Sri Krishna. Devotees of Lord Krishna celebrate this auspicious festival by keeping fast, night-sankirtans, holding bhakti events, etc. Sri Krishna’s devotees celebrate this day to express their love for Lord Krishna.

Though Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated worldwide, It is chronicled with the most enthusiasm in the ISKCON temple. The appearance of Lord Krishna is significant. Krishna’s Janam Leela is divine and sacred. The reason for the advent of the Supreme Lord is to end the cruelty of evil Kansa and give the pleasure to the devotees.

Lord Krishna appeared in the prison of Mathura at midnight on the eighth day of Krishna paksha to Mother Devaki and Vasudeva. That night was remarkable. During the manifestation of Lord Krishna, all the places were irradiated to portray the Advent of the Supreme Lord.

Prophecy of the “Downfall of Kansa”

It is believed that King Kansa made splendid arrangements for the marriage of his beloved sister Devaki. But at the same time, prophecy took place that the eighth son of Devaki will be the reason for the end of the dictatorial rule of Kansa and will be the reason for his ruination.

Why Kansa killed all the children of Devaki?

When Kansa came to know that Devaki’s child will be the cause of Kansa’s death, he forgot all the bonds and love for his sister, and in a rage, he held Devaki’s hair and was going to kill her. Then Vasudeva advised the situation with his patience and wisdom to save the life of his wife, Devaki. He stopped Kansa wisely, saying that “why are you taking the stigma of killing a woman and that too your sister on your head. We will hand over our eighth son willingly to you.”

After hearing this, the evil Kansa left the idea of killing his sister and decided to spare her life, imprisoned his sister and her husband, and waited for their eighth son’s birth.

On observing the delay of Lord Krishna’s descent (birth), representing all demigods Devarshi Narada said to Kansa that lord Krishna is very clever. So Lord Krishna doesn’t need to take birth as their eighth son; He can appear anytime. And in this way, the evil Kansa brutally killed all seven children born to Devaki and Vasudeva.

The Appearance of Lord Krishna

Sri Krishna Janma Leela

During the birth of the eighth child, the Lord appeared in chaturbhuj form and visited Devaki and Vasudeva. A beautiful divine child born as their son.

Surprisingly as soon as the divine child took birth, the shackles got unlocked and magically freed him, the iron door of their cell opened itself, and all the guards slept under a magic spell.

Vasudeva came out of the prison to rescue the newly born child and carried him across the Yamuna. Then, he gave the child to his closest friend Maharaj Nanda. Then, he came back to the cell with the baby girl born in Nanda’s house.

Kansa Arrival to the Cell on Receiving the News of Eighth Child Birth

Immediately after that, Kansa was informed about the newly born child. He reached the cell to kill the newly born girl child. As he tried to kill the baby girl, the baby slipped from his hand and went towards the sky and proclaimed, “evil Kansa, the reason for your death has already taken birth.”

Description of Lord Krishna’s Birth According to Shastra

People say Lord never takes birth, but Lord Krishna took delivery from their mother’s womb, so He cannot be Lord. But Lord Sri Krishna did not take delivery from Mother Devaki’s womb like a normal baby where the mother has to bear labour pain.

As described in Shastras, He took birth in the chaturbhuj form and later adopted a child’s form.

Srila Prabhupada, the Founder-Acharya of International Society for Krishna Consciousness classifies when sun sets and again rises. It is not considered as the sun took rebirth. The absence of the sun does not mean that it perished. It just hides from our sight. Still, going out of our site, it appears somewhere else. In the same way Supreme Lord is beyond life and death and appears in one place after finishing his pastimes in other place.

Generally, the following two shlokas of BHAGAVAD GITA are very known-

“yadā yadā hi dharmasya glānir bhavati bhārata
abhyutthānam adharmasya tadātmānaṁ sṛijāmyaham” (-Bg 4.7)

This means when adharma starts to prevail, and Dharma starts to perish. Lord Sri Krishna appears at his own will.

Now the question arises what the purpose of His self appearance is?
The purpose is-

“paritrāṇāya sādhūnāṁ vināśhāya cha duṣhkṛitām
dharma-sansthāpanārthāya sambhavāmi yuge yuge” (-Bg 4.8)

Supreme Lord constantly lives in His dham (divine abode), but when He descends to the material world, He is called Avatar. This is because He descends for the redemption of His devotees and to end evil.

Significance of Sri Krishna Avatar

There are many types of Avatars like Purusha Avatar, Gunavatar, Lilavatar, Shaktyavesh avatar, Manvantara avatar, and Yugavatar. All of these descents in this universe incarnate in order. But Lord Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead and source of all the Avatars. He can destroy evil in any way.

He does not need to incarnate particularly. So Lord Krishna takes Avatar for the particular purpose of taking away the worries of his devotees who are curious to see his actual pastimes of Vrindavan.

Hence the real purpose of Krishna Avatar is to give pleasure to his pure devotees who are devoid of fruitive activities. It is not a fact that Supreme Lord descends only to the land of India. He can appear anywhere anytime. So on taking every Avatar, He speaks about the Dharma. But the purpose remains the same: to make people filled with religious feelings and to make them obedient to religious rules.

Sometimes He appears Himself, and sometimes He sends His authentic representative in the form of His son or a follower or appears Himself in disguise.

Lord Krishna appears in Brahma’s one-day seventh Manu twenty-eighth Chaturyuga’s end of Dwapara. That is why we are fortunate that we are born in that duration of Kaliyuga when it has been just 5000 years of His disappearance.

After that, Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu also appeared 500 years ago and made us familiar with Krishna bhakti (Harinam-Sankirtan). So, come, let’s celebrate this Janmashtami for our beloved Lord Krishna’s pleasure and try to bring His transcendental teachings into our life.

-> Fasting till midnight (only Ekadashi Prasadam to be taken)

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