Jhulan Yatra is a blissful festival for the followers of Lord Krishna. The devotees celebrate Radha Krishna’s pastime of swinging on a golden swing every day until Balrama-Purnima. It is observed in the month of Sawan when the monsoon clouds assemble. Finally, the rain appears after the scorching heat of summers. Sri Krishna’s special place Brajbhoomi looks spectacular.

Ecstatic Celebrations of Jhulan Yatra in Vrindavan

The temples of Vrindavan celebrate Jhulan Yatra with great joy and devotion. Many devotees follow a trail of pilgrimage from one temple to another from early morning to late evening for the darshan of Sri Krishna.

The calm winds of Sawan make the atmosphere pleasant. Worldwide, Devotees gather in thousands of temples to get the opportunity to render service to the divine couple by swinging them.

Vrindavan is the sacred place where 5000 years ago, Sri Krishna spent the most love-soaked chapter of His boyhood and raas drenched years of adulthood. This is the land about which Sri Krishna said to His friend Uddhav. For the people of Braj, Sri Krishna was supreme.

The people of this land were devoted entirely to Lord Krishna. Their love for Sri Krishna was uttermost, which cannot be expressed in words. Their life was totally centred on Shri Krishna. Raas with Gopis (cow-herding maidens) symbolizes the interplay of love and adoration between the Almighty and the human soul.

People of Braj and their eternal love for Lord Krishna

Lord Sri Krishna, along with his cow herding companions, used to roam in the jungles of Braj. Along with herding, He used to play and eat on land with His friends and spread happiness.

In every season, along with Krishna, His friends happily participated in every mesmerizing pastime of Lord Sri Krishna. With complete devotion, they used to provide service to their beloved friend whom they loved blindly.

Gopies were blind in love with Lord Krishna. Among all the gopi, Radha Rani was the consort of Lord Krishna.

Jhulan Yatra- The Beginning of Sawan

This festival is associated with the beginning of Sawan, and this month is known as Shravan or Sawan. It falls in July or August and resembles the end of the summer season and the beginning of the rainy season, which is an entirely moist climate.

Cold mesmerizing winds are blown. Showers of rain make the whole land of Vrindavan lush green. The dried land of Vrindavan is brought back to life after the dry summer.

The forests of Vrindavan get filled up with colourful flowers such as Jasmine, Champa, and Madhuri that have newly blossomed in the season. The sectarian honey is oozing from the beehives. The cuckoo sings with its melodic sound and makes the environment mesmerizing. The peacocks start dancing, spreading their wings in anticipation of dark clouds in the sky.

How is Jhulan Yatra Celebrated?

Sri Radhika Rani’s sakhis make a hanging swing on a kadamba tree decorated with flowers in the forests. They make a Divine couple of Radha Krishna seated on their swing. It starts on Shukla paksha Ekadashi of Sawan and ends on Purnima of Sawan month.

In ISKCON Temples, devotees decorate the wooden or metal swings with flowers. They placed the deities for 5 days on a swing and swung them gently with a string decorated with flowers. Usually this celebration starts in the evening when deities are seated comfortably on the swing from their throne, and then Arati is offered to them.

Later on, one by one, all the devotees come forward and take turns to go and swing the deities and get immense pleasure. This time is memorable for each devotee, filling their heart with joy and making the overall experience ethereal.

Who can participate in Jhulan Yatra?

Jhulan Yatra is not any kind of ritual only. It is the festival where Krishna devotees can take part and enjoy devotional service for the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Celebration of this Festival is one of the best pastimes of Lord Sri Krishna, where He allows His devotees to do His devotional service and ponder His blessings on them. Therefore, every devotee should take the opportunity to witness Jhulan Yatra and feel blessed.

Celebration of Jhulan Yatra in ISKCON

In every temple of ISKCON worldwide, this festival is acknowledged with great joy and enthusiasm. So this year, you all can visit your nearest ISKCON temple from (27th August 2023 – 31st August 2023) to witness this spellbinding couple and make your birth worthy. 

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