Gopashtami 2024

Hare Krishna 😇🙏
Today (9th Nov 2024) is the most auspicious day of Gopashtami.
Gopastami is one of the most important and cheerful pastimes among all the pastimes of lord Shri Krishna. The eighth lunar day of Kartik month is known as Gopastami. It is believed that on this auspicious day Nanda Maharaj send his children Krishna and Balrama for the first time to herd the cows. Krishna now stepped into the age of pauganda from kumara. Till the age of kumara, Krishna was a calf keeper. After stepping into the age of pauganda, on the auspicious day of Gopastami lord Shri Krishna started to herd the cows. To witness this incident Shri Radharani took the form of his Sakha.

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Chant more rounds of Mahamantra and Pray to Shri Gopal ji to bless us & our devotion.😇🙏

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