Importance of Gopastami – Gopastami is one of the most important and cheerful pastimes among all the pastimes of lord Shri Krishna. The eighth lunar day of Kartik month is known as Gopastami. It is believed that on this auspicious day Nanda Maharaj send his children Krishna and Balrama for the first time to herd the cows. Krishna now stepped into the age of kumara from pauganda. Till the age of pauganda, Krishna was a calf keeper. After stepping into the age of Kaumara, on the auspicious day of Gopastami lord Shri Krishna started to herd the cows. To witness this incident Shri Radharani took the form of his Sakha.

How Gopastami is celebrated

On this auspicious day, people worship cows. They offer fodder to cows. On Kartik month’s Shukla Ashtami tithi early morning people bathe cows, offer them flowers, and scents and decorate them with different clothes.

People feed fodder to cows and do parikrama, and then go after cows for some distance. Then in the evening when cows come back that time is known as godhuli muhurat. At that time also they are greeted and worshipped. After this, they touch their lotus feet and pray for their healthy and prosperous future. The charity is given in gaushala on this day.

In Srimad Bhagawatam, it is stated that lord Shri Krishna used to walk barefooted at the age of six keeping cows ahead. At that time even his footsteps were not properly developed. Krishna gets delighted when the foot dust of cows falls on him.
Krishna used to walk barefooted in dust leaving footprints of his lotus feet everywhere. This is the reason for the dazzling beauty of Vrindavan.

Krishna’s affection towards Cows

Jollification Of Dhanteras

It is said that Nanda maharaja had 9 lakh cows and lord Shri Krishna was aware of their names. All the cows were identified by their names. If any cow gets separated from the group then Krishna calls them back with their names. Due to this affection, Krishna is also known as Gopal or Govind.

Reason for the importance of cows 

Krishna was fond of cows. He used to apply gauraj tilak on his forehead. He showed his affection for gau seva through his words and pastime to people. In this way, Krishna and Balrama are the symbols of cow protection. In Hindu, culture cows are not considered an ordinary animals. Cows are considered mothers. It is said that by drinking cow’s milk our brain works more actively and we can analyse our shastra easily. In shastra, it is said that inside cows 33 thousand gods and goddesses exist. The cow is the symbol of our prosperity.

Objective of Gopastami

The main aim of Gopastami is to protect cows and provide service for their sewa. We should always try to provide a safe, loving and caring environment to cows as they are the favourite Krishna. It is said that in places where cow seva is done Lord Hari uses it to provide infinite grace. We are dependent on cows’ blessings. We should always provide service and take care of cows. Cows expand prosperity and establish spirituality in the surrounding. Whether we live in cities or villages consuming the milk of desi cow and using other dairy products made of it also contributes to the seva of cows. By doing so we are playing an important role in the country’s economy.

So on this auspicious day of Gopastami, let’s provide some service for the protection of cows. We can try to offer them a loving and protective environment. In this way, we can surely impress our Lord Krishna and get the lord’s blessings.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Ram Hare Ram

Ram Ram Hare Hare.

Your Smallest act of Charity can make a difference and bring smiles to Needy Faces.

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