Today in our country, all the people keep fasting. If you observe a fast for one day in the middle of a week, it has a definite purpose. It is told in the Brahmavarta Purana that fasting is to abstain from all kinds of sins and sense gratification. Indeed fasting on Ekadashi leads to the attainment of dharma, artha, kama, moksha, besides remembrance of Supreme Lord Sri Krishna is also attained. In Bhavishya Uttara Purana, the story of Putrada Ekadashi has been described by Lord Krishna and Dharmaraja Yudhishthira’s dialogue.

Glories of Putrada Ekadashi

Once Maharaj Yudhishthira asked Lord Sri Krishna, that oh Lord, please tell me the importance of fasting on Putrada Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of the past month, what is the method of observing this fast, which Lord is worshipped on this Putrada Ekadashi please tell me about all these in detail.

Lord Sri Krishna told Maharaj Yudhishthira that I describe the fast of this Putrada Ekadashi for the welfare of this world. Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Paush month is called Putrada Ekadashi. The fast of this Ekadashi is the destroyer of all sins. 

Listen in detail to the story of Putrada Ekadashi.

In ancient times, a king named Suketuman ruled in Bhadravati city. This King had no children. The King was very worried about this. King Suketuman wondered who would do his Pind Daan after his death. 

The King had started living so sad day by day. One day he had thought of leaving his body. But again, the thought came back in his mind that committing suicide is considered a great sin on this earth. That is why he had removed this thought from his mind as well. He rode on a horse and went to the forest. 

putrada ekadashi - King Suketuman went to forest in grief of not having a son

Saddened by all these thoughts, one day, the King rode on a horse and went to the forest, birds. He saw in the forest that the deer. Lions, monkeys etc., are roaming in the forest. The King saw that at some places, jackals are making hoarse words. Somewhere peacocks are dancing with their family. Seeing these forest scenes, the King became even sadder: why doesn’t he have a son? It was an afternoon in this thought.

The King started thinking that in my lifetime, I have done so many sacrifices etc., have fed Brahmins, and have done all the virtuous works, yet why I did not get the happiness of children. After all, what is the reason for this due to which I am suffering so much?
Taking a bath of all these things, the King started feeling thirsty, riding on his horse, started moving forward in the forest, saw a lake on the way, their crocodiles were playing water in the lake, and lotus flowers were blooming in that lake.

Seeing all these, the King’s left limbs started twitching, considering all these as auspicious omens. The King got down there, and there was a sage’s ashram nearby. When he bowed down to the great sages, O King, we are happy with you. Please tell us what you want. The King told all those brahmins who you are and what you are doing here. The sage said – O King, today is Putrada Ekadashi to give the best son to the one who wishes for a son. After five days, there is a Magha bath, so all of us have come here to take a Magha bath. After listening to the sages, the King said that I also do not have any son, so I am unfortunate.

Please, all of you give me the boon of having a son, then all the sages said that today is Putrada Ekadashi, you should fast on Putrada Ekadashi. By the grace of Lord Shri Hari, you will get a son. So the King fasted as per his instructions and also broke the fast on the day of Dwadashi. And after bowing down to the sages came back to his city.

By the grace of Lord Sri Hari, the queen became pregnant, and after nine months, a brilliant son was born to the King. When the prince started growing up, he became a very bright, wealthy, successful, stunning and follower of the subjects. Therefore, O King, everyone should observe the fast of this Putrada Ekadashi. In this world, whoever follows this fast according to the rules, is sure to get a son, and by enjoying the happiness of this world, he attains a higher planet.

Whoever observes this fast, praising its glory, will attain the same virtue as the Ashwamedha Yagya. Putrada Ekadashi, which gives progress in devotional service, should be fasted by all the people in the world. Grains have to be given up on Ekadashi. Consumption of food made from rice, wheat, maize, barley, gram etc., is prohibited in Ekadashi. To reduce all the body’s needs, one should remember Lord Shri Hari throughout the day. Lord Sri Krishna is very pleased with this mind of his. When Lord is pleased, then by his majesty, a person gets true happiness. Apart from this, it also becomes easy to get priceless Chintamani like devotional service to Supreme Lord.

Hare Krishna.

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