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The Gita has made deep interest among seekers of truth worldwide and has translated into almost every primary language, yet it is mysterious and escapes the grip of most people.


The Bhagavad Gita has long been a root of motivation to ages of young seeking perfection. With its help, they achieved excellence in every field of attempt.

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The Bhagavad Gita is the most enchanting and complete exposition on how an ordinary human can rise above petty personal diversion to become an extraordinary immortal essence.

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The Bhagavad Gita is part of the great epic Mahabharata, and it forms the religious core of the Mahabharata. The stories of the Mahabharata lead to a charm of philosophy. While the Mahabharata comprises 97,400 verses, the Gita is a mere 702 verses. Hence it is equated to a locket on the ornament of the Mahabharat.


“Bhagavad Gita”

-a song by KRISHNA

The Bhagavad Gita means ‘Divine Song’ Krishna, the Supreme Lord or universal mentor, is an expert flute player; the flute is a hollow reed with seven openings; Shree Krishna had expertized the art of extracting melodious music from this instrument.

The five functions, mind, and ability are the seven windowpanes to the world. Not having learned and mastered the techniques of living, we bring out a different note in life.

When we empty ourselves of negativity, greed, and self-esteem, captivating music begins from our personality. The Bhagavad Gita means the art of opening in tune with the world by being in harmony with the spirit.

The Gita can remain peaceful between the noise and confusion around; it speaks of a deep peace where the mind is at rest, mentality sharp, and action excellent. A peace that cannot be broken by changing irresponsible world intense flexible stability, not a delicate steadiness, the world pays homage to one who is at relaxation.

The subject of the Bhagavad Gita is that you are God. You are not the limited, small, helpless individual you imagine yourself to be. You are the extremely character that makes your heartbeat, liver, and kidneys function meticulously; lungs transfer fuels altogether. According to the Bhagavat Gita, You are Blessed power that leads life to every cell in the body, every sentiment in mind, and every thought that ripples through intelligence.


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