Bhakti Yoga

Prabhupada-ChantingBhakti means to offer with love and devotion anything one does in life to God.

Bhakti means love of God or, as Srila Prabhupada would often translate the word, pure devotional service to God. (The Sanskrit root of the word bhakti is bhaj, which means “loving service.”) Bhakti is the essence of the eternal relationship we souls have with Krishna. In material existence, our Bhakti is covered by our material consciousness and misdirected away from Krishna and toward the temporary things of this world. Therefore we are never fully satisfied. We can awaken our natural Bhakti by practicing Bhakti. In other words, we can awaken our love for Krishna by performing acts of love for Him.

Mantra mediation is one of the key practices of a bhakti yogi. This is done through japa (quiet chanting on beads) and kirtan (musical chanting in groups). Our connection and relationship with Krishna is developed through the chanting of the maha mantra. The chanting cleanses the heart, calms the mind, and inspires a life of purpose and meaning.